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Dodge Charger Tearing Down NYC Sidewalk Meets Officer Karma

The Dodge Charger in the video may have been “stolen” from the impound lot by its owner before this chase started

 Dodge Charger Tearing Down NYC Sidewalk Meets Officer Karma

  • A Dodge Charger in New York City jumped onto the sidewalk, sending pedestrians fleeing.
  • The vehicle was said to be involved in a car chase that started in Brooklyn and ended up in Manhattan.
  • The driver reportedly stole the muscle car from an impound lot, adding an extra layer of recklessness.

We’ve all been stuck in a traffic jam that feels endless and fantasized about pulling to one side, abandoning the rules of society, and speeding away. A recent incident involving a driver in New York City vividly demonstrated why that’s not a good idea.

The driver was behind the wheel of a white Dodge Charger with a black hood and decided to pull out from behind traffic, onto the sidewalk, and through an intersection. As you might expect, this sent panicking pedestrians fleeing from the dangerous driver.

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It’s not clear why, but an NYPD cruiser was blocking the intersection, causing the traffic jam, and promptly took off after the Dodge. Amusingly, a followup video shows the Charger being towed down the street, having been apprehended by the police.

However, EV Grieve, a local news outlet focused on Manhattan’s East Village, reports that the cop may have been blocking that intersection because of the Dodge, which was involved in a wider-ranging car chase across the city.

The pursuit was initiated before the video starts, and witnesses report that the Charger was tearing down Second Avenue before turning onto Second Street, which is where we join the action. That’s when the Dodge jumped onto the sidewalk, driving across First Avenue, speeding off in the wrong direction down a one-way street.

An unnamed NYPD source told EV Grieve that the driver “stole” their own vehicle from an impound lot in Brooklyn before the chase started. The owner may have then abandoned it again on Avenue C, launching a foot chase, during which they were apprehended by police.

It’s becoming increasingly common to see New York City drivers on the sidewalk these days, which is an alarming development considering that the danger for American pedestrians has reached historic highs. Consequently, it’s hardly surprising, then, that the city wants to lower its speed limit to 20 mph.

 Dodge Charger Tearing Down NYC Sidewalk Meets Officer Karma

Photo credit: @newyorkers / Instagram

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