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The New Rolls-Royce Cullinan Looks Like a Stormtrooper

Even the world’s most luxurious SUV needs an update every now and then. Rolls-Royce’s best-selling product receives a striking makeover for 2025 with a redesigned front fascia. The unexpectedly bold approach is sure to stir controversy. The updated Cullinan is joined from day one by the hotter Black Badge derivative with its uprated V-12 engine making 600 horsepower.

Known going forward as the Cullinan Series II, the opulent SUV has revised headlights with extended LED daytime running lights. The stretched DRLs go downward on the bumper, lending the front fascia a more imposing (if not peculiar) look. It would seem parent company BMW Group is keen on taking design risks with its ultra-luxury brand as well. There are no split light shenanigans as on the BMW X7, but the makeover is equally controversial.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

It’s not just the headlights that have an unconventional look, but so does the front bumper. Rolls-Royce got rid of the slender air intakes flanking the grille. Consequently, a large flat surface now begs for some sort of trim piece. Elsewhere, the redesigned lower air intakes are now slightly tilted while the supersized radar sensor is still placed beneath the license plate.

RR says the new upright design takes after “illuminated skyscrapers in the megacities” where the Cullinan is increasingly popular. The SUV receives a light-up grille to echo the company’s other models and some BMWs. Another novelty is the adoption of stately 23-inch wheels, representing a first for the model. The fresh Emperador Truffle paint job rounds off the changes on the outside.

Similarly, the Cullinan Black Badge receives a polarizing makeover but with different 23-inch wheels. It’s the first Black Badge model to rock such a large set of alloys, featuring 10 interwoven spokes. Various exterior accents–including the Spirit of Ecstasy figurine–have a more menacing black appearance. There are extra dark trim pieces than before and you can have a fully black iteration of the mighty grille.

<p>2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II</p>

2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan

<p>2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge</p>

2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge

The interior layout hasn’t changed compared to the pre-facelift Cullinan. However, tucked beneath the analog clock is now the Spirit of Ecstasy, just so your chauffeur knows they’re not driving a mundane BMW X7. The Black Badge’s carbon fiber trim on the dashboard has no fewer than six coats of lacquer. Each of the 23 pieces is hand-polished to achieve a mirror finish that takes 21 days to complete.

The Black Badge is shown here with a new eye-catching Duality Twill leather interior that uses a whopping 2.2 million stitches and 11 miles of thread. Go all out and the 2025 Cullinan can have 107,000 0.8- and 1.2-millimetre perforations. We want to meet the person responsible for counting all the tiny holes in the seat’s upholstery.

You can still get the Cullinan as a seven-seater by opting for the individual rear seats installed in the cargo compartment. Those are only be used when the posh SUV is stationary, and flank a small table for champagne, caviar, or whatever rich folk prefer.

Both the standard Cullinan and Black Badge retain the venerable twelve-cylinder engine. However, the twin-turbo 6.75-liter V-12 is living on borrowed time since Rolls-Royce has pledged to go purely electric by 2030.

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