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Lucid Air Sapphire Obliterates Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

Key Takeaways

  • Lucid Air Sapphire takes on the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 in a drag race.
  • The purpose-built Demon 170 can’t match the extreme power and traction of the high-performance Lucid EV.
  • Sapphire delivers consistently good performance over multiple runs.

Recently, we witnessed the Lucid Air Sapphire shatter a quarter-mile record for production sedans with a blistering 8.930-second run. Now, the 1,234-horsepower supercar killer is back, facing up against the ultimate weapon from Mopar: the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170. These two vehicles couldn’t be any different. One is a rapid electric luxury sedan, and the other is a purpose-built drag strip destroyer.

2024 Lucid Motors Air Sapphire





Fuel Economy

108/101 MPG

But that makes the race all the more enjoyable. Who will succeed? Well, on paper, it’s difficult to choose a winner. Even when running on E85 fuel, the Demon’s 1,025 hp is no match for the Lucid, which has more than 1,200 horses. The Dodge is nearly 1,000 lbs lighter than the Air Sapphire, which should make a difference on the strip. The Lucid does have the benefit of all-wheel drive, though.

Demon 170 No Match For Air Sapphire

Despite the Demon being a purpose-built drag car, it is no match for the efficient Lucid, which snaps off the line like a silent rocket. In typical muscle car fashion, the Plum Crazy Demon 170 pulls away dramatically, lifting its front axle clean off the ground as the supercharged V8 rumbles away. Over three runs, the Sapphire leaves the Dodge in the dust.


Lucid Air Sapphire Races Tesla Model S Plaid On A Prepped Drag Strip

The Tesla cheats slightly, but the race is still entertaining.

In the first run, the Lucid covered the quarter-mile in just 9.019 seconds at 153.06 mph, with the Demon 170 coming in at 9.494 with a speed of 144.89 mph. During the second round, the muscle car gets a good start but is passed by the Sapphire in no time. Incredibly, the Lucid improved its quarter-mile time (9.006), whereas the Challenger was slightly slower (9.670). In the final race, the Air Sapphire clocks in at 9.030 seconds, showing just how consistent its performance is. The Challenger Demon 170 trails behind, but only slightly, clocking in at 9.671.

The Air Sapphire Remains Undefeated…For Now

Brooks Weisblat of Drag Times, who drove the Sapphire, says both vehicles can run sub-nine seconds on the quarter-mile. “The Sapphire is just much easier to do it in with its all-wheel drive, more power, and higher trap speeds compared to the Demon 170. The Demon needs a more aggressive launch, which is harder to achieve with its rear-wheel drive, even with monster slicks on the rear and skinny tires up front.” It would be interesting to see how the Air Sapphire stacks up against the Hennessey-tuned Demon 170 with 1,700 hp.

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While many gearheads will lament that an electric luxury car has destroyed a V8-powered monster like the Challenger Demon 170, an ICE-powered vehicle that can keep up with a high-performance EV is remarkable. It is still one of the fastest-accelerating cars in the world and a wonderful send-off for the V8 Dodge muscle car. As for the Lucid Air Sapphire, we’d love to see it go head-to-head with a Pininfarina Battista or Rimac Nevera. We already know Lucid eats Bugatti Chirons for breakfast.

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