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Updated Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S Arrives With 228 HP, More Tech, And Faster Charging

Key Takeaways

  • Volkswagen introduces an updated ID.3 Pro S with 228 horsepower and a WLTP-estimated range of 347 miles.
  • The upgraded infotainment system features ChatGPT, IDA voice assistant, and enhanced controls.
  • Revised ID.3 is still not in the cards for the United States.

Volkswagen has introduced several updates for the ID.3, its small Golf-sized electric vehicle. Aside from an improved electric drivetrain, faster charging, and more safety features, the compact EV also benefits from an updated infotainment system. All these changes come just a year after Volkswagen gave the ID.3 a facelift. Let’s take a closer look at the improved ID.3 Pro S.

Beginning with the under-the-skin updates, the ID.3 now delivers 228 hp, up from 201 hp in the older variant, enabling 0-62 mph in 7.1 seconds. That’s not far off the performance figures for the ID.3 GTX, which needs 282 hp to reach 62 mph 1.1 seconds sooner.

Upgraded Electric Drivetrain

Interestingly, customers outside of Germany have the option of increasing power from 201 hp to 228 hp via the power-on-demand function, which is new for VW. The automaker claims the Pro S has a WLTP-estimated range of 347 miles. Of course, the ID.3 isn’t sold in the United States, but we could expect a more realistic EPA range estimate if it were. US customers can choose from the ID.4, ID.7, and ID. Buzz, but the ID.3 remains forbidden fruit.


Volkswagen ID. CODE Concept Reveals Future Of VW Design & Technology

VW says that this concept is all about the Chinese market, but we have a feeling the next-gen look and technologies in here will spread worldwide.

Elsewhere, the battery now has a charging thermal management function. This allows the 77 kWh battery pack to pre-condition itself while the vehicle is en route to a DC fast charger. This means the car can charge at high speeds as soon as it is plugged in, which negates the need for charging prep when the vehicle is plugged in. As a result, charging is faster than before and can glean energy at speeds of up to 175 kW.

Infotainment System Now Includes ChatGPT

Volkswagen says charging times are reduced by several minutes, especially in colder temperatures, and there’s an enhanced Electric Vehicle Route Planner, which uses the navigation system to pre-condition the battery when the vehicle is en route to a charging station. This feature can also be activated manually.

There’s also a new infotainment system with ChatGPT. First introduced on the facelifted Golf 8, the setup comprises a 12.9-inch touchscreen with the new IDA voice assistant. Not only can it control basic vehicle functions, but it can also answer questions by accessing sites like Wikipedia. Artificial intelligence is also part of the package, and it can converse with the driver. The drive mode selector has been relocated to a new steering column, and the steering wheel has also received updates.

Enhanced Tech And Safety Features

The ID.3 Pro S is also available with a new 12-speaker Harmon Kardon sound system with four settings: Pure, Relax, Speech, and Vibrant. A Wellness App helps the driver and passenger unwind by using climate control, sound, and ambient lighting to create a relaxing environment. Volkswagen has also improved several safety features. The ID.3 Pro S receives autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assist, dynamic road sign display, and adaptive cruise control.


Volkswagen Announces Specification For US-Bound ID.7 Electric Sedan

The automaker is yet to reveal revealed pricing or range estimates.

The Car2X traffic hazard alert feature is also standard and can warn the driver of traffic, accidents, or roadworks ahead of time. Optionally, customers can opt for Park Assist Plus, while a new exit warning system forms part of the Side Assist lane change system. European customers can now place an order for this model, which is priced at €47,595 ($51,300). Additional variants will follow at a later date.

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