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This Raised-Roof School Bus Camper Has a Race Track Painted on the Floor

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a large-scale school bus camper build. This one is just too cool to ignore. Recently featured on the Mobile Dwellings YouTube channel, this 2007 International was built by owners Megan and Landon, and it’s not just a gutted bus with a coat of paint and a bed. The roof was cut and raised 18 inches, giving this skoolie conversion plenty of space to be a full-time home for a family of three.

The build process took a year to finish, and it’s easy to see why during the interior tour. It starts at the front where an actual house door replaces the folding school bus door. The primary living space is immediately behind the driver seat, where two couches can convert to a guest bed.

On the floor in between them is where you’ll find a race track. Their son loves playing with toy race cars, so they painted a rather complex layout directly on the floor. There’s no corner carving happening here, but we suspect it’s more than enough for some fun racing adventures.

Camper Race Track

The kitchen comes next, and it looks bigger than some apartment kitchens we’ve seen. Wall-mounted tables fold up to keep the space wide open; on the opposite side is a butcher-block counter with full-size cabinets and a propane stove. A pair of 15-gallon propane tanks stored outside fuel the stove and the hot water heater. A 100-gallon fresh water tank and 46 gallons of gray water storage are also on board.

Speaking of water, the bathroom is separated into two areas behind the kitchen. One side features a shower with a bench and skylight, leaving the sink and compost toilet on the other. Their son’s “bedroom” is between the kitchen and bathroom, as is a washer-dryer combo unit. The main bedroom occupies most of the back section, which also has open access to the dedicated garage space at the rear. The couple also built a small platform off the back and a large deck on the roof for even more space.


Perusing the Instagram account dedicated to their travels, it looks like they’re enjoying life on the road. Not surprising considering they have a cool, cozy skoolie to take them wherever they want to go.

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