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Tesla Cybertruck Gets Beached Just After Arriving In Nantucket

The slab-sided pickup truck evidently had an owner who didn’t realize just how easy it is to get stuck battery-deep on the beach

 Tesla Cybertruck Gets Beached Just After Arriving In Nantucket

  • The first Tesla Cybertruck to visit Nantucket managed to get stuck in beach sand almost immediately.
  • Reports suggest that a tow company saved the Tesla before the tide came in.
  • The entire ordeal is a good reminder for anyone planning to drive a vehicle onto a beach.

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes often find themselves stuck on beaches. When the vehicle in question is the supposedly uber-capable Cybertruck, however, it makes for a more interesting story. That scenario played out once again, this time just hours after it arrived in Nantucket.

Reports from the scene suggest there’s a lesson to be learned from how this truck ended up stuck battery-deep in the sand.

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Evidently, this silver Tesla is the first Cybertruck to arrive on the Massachusetts Island since production kicked off late last year. Several folks in the community spotted it Thursday, but by the early evening, it had stopped moving around the area. That is, of course, because it was stuck on the beach at Eel Point on the far west side of Nantucket.

Whether or not this truck has Tesla’s off-road update is unclear, but frankly, it might be a moot point when dealing with 6,000+ pounds of electric truck sinking into soft sand.

According to the Nantucket Current, the owner was “super nice… Just a first-timer who made the standard mistakes.” Photos appear to show that it managed to move a few feet in each direction as the driver tried to free it from the sand. The local report says that a towing company managed to retrieve it from the beach.

Some in the town are calling this karma for the owner. Photos of the same Cybertruck from earlier in the day show it parked in places it shouldn’t be. In one photo it’s parked on top of a crosswalk and in another, it’s quadruple parked across several spaces. Nobody likes a person parking as though they’re entitled to special treatment with their vehicle.

Ultimately, consider this an excellent learning experience for anyone interested in driving their vehicle on sand. Four-wheel drive and some pseudo-chunky tires aren’t all that’s required. In this case, airing down the tires to create a wider contact patch would’ve helped.

On top of that, utilize the technology baked into a vehicle to handle situations like this. For instance, use Off-Road mode or, in this case, perhaps Extract mode once things go sideways. Learn from this guy and avoid getting stuck yourself, or worse, parking like an entitled tool.

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