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A Broken Hinge Was Enough To Total This Fisker Ocean

Key Takeaways

  • Fisker’s Ocean owners are facing nightmare scenarios with a lack of parts and support post-accident.
  • Many owners are frustrated and left with unresolved issues as the company appears to be failing.
  • The future of Fisker vehicles is uncertain if the company goes under, posing potential problems for software bugs and updates.

Fisker’s last few months have gone from bad to worse, and it appears the only group doing worse than the executives running the company are the people who have purchased the cars, specifically one owner whose vehicle was totaled after a $900 repair. As reported by CarScoops, Joy Warner was going about her day with her Fisker Ocean when a small accident occurred that caused mostly superficial damage to her door.

2024 Fisker Ocean






282 hp


285 lb-ft

Top Speed

128 mph

At this point, she already had it with her vehicle despite being an early adopter. “It was an emotional roller coaster,” she said. “One day it would run fine, and the next, a new warning light would blink or ding. It was so frustrating to pay that much money for a car only to get annoyed every time you used it.”

Fisker Ocean Rear Three-Quarter View

Fatal Accident And Aftermath

We’re not surprised she already felt uneasy about her vehicle given the Ocean’s dysfunctional rollout, but the one constant has been that when the vehicle works, it’s fantastic. This day it seemed to be working, but fate had other ideas.

The insurer’s adjuster had never dealt with a claim on a Fisker before, but the damage was relatively minor, although the real issue was that one of the hinges had broken. The estimate was that it would take about $910 to fix, but this turned out to be just a guess.

This is when her Ocean ownership turned from difficult to a nightmare, as once it was sent in for repair it was quickly apparent no parts could be found. Fisker reportedly provided no help in the process, and Joy was essentially left fending for herself and was sick of it.

If This Doesn’t Spell Doom, We Don’t Know What Does

A month after the accident, the insurance company wrote her a $53,303 check for the vehicle and hauled it away to be crushed, ending Joy’s short but eventful ownership most dramatically. Dejected and reasonably frustrated, she took to a Fisker Ocean Facebook group to inform them of her woes. She explained that the family had lost over $20,000 from the entire process and that she would never purchase a vehicle from a startup again, not even considering Rivian.


Over 40,000 Fisker Reservations Canceled

The hits keep coming as the EV startup struggles to survive.

Owners are frustrated and confused as the company is seemingly circling the drain, unable to get answers or resolve many of their problems. Did we mention Joy hadn’t even received her title from the company by the time it was totaled?

Right now the biggest concern is what will happen to all the vehicles if the company does go under. The vehicles will no longer receive updates, which shouldn’t be the end of the world, but what about if your vehicle runs into a software bug? There are too many variables and Fisker isn’t doing enough. Fortunately, it does appear there could be a glimmer on the horizon as some automakers are apparently interested in purchasing the company, but until those talks move forward, it’s probably best to start considering life after Fisker. Again.


Fisker Up For Sale And Four Automakers Are Apparently Interested

The embattled automaker’s share price is at all-time low, but Fisker may yet find a savior.

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