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Four Companies Are Still Interested in Saving Fisker, for Some Reason

Fisker has had a bumpy few months, to say the least. After the company said it would need to partner with another automaker before it went bankrupt, talks with Nissan fell apart. Then Fisker quickly slashed prices on inventory for a version of the Ocean SUV that may or may not even exist. But there’s still a small glimmer of hope.

According to Business Insider, CEO Henrik Fisker held an all-hands meeting last week and told employees that at least four automakers are still interested in a potential stake in the company. “We do have four car companies that have signed NDAs,” Fisker told his employees last week. “However, they obviously need time to get to some diligence.”

Fisker didn’t provide a timetable or any specifics on which companies might be interested. Nissan almost certainly won’t be one of them after talks fell apart following a rumored $400-million deal that would kickstart production of the Alaska pickup and a separate electric pickup for Nissan.

If Fisker doesn’t strike a deal with any of these four automakers within the next 30 days, bankruptcy could be inevitable. The company reportedly has just $54 million in cash equivalencies and says that will “not be sufficient to meet its current obligations.” This comes months after the company delivered hundreds of cars while failing to collect millions of dollars worth of payment.

We’ll see in the next few weeks if Fisker is able to strike a deal and stay afloat, or if bankruptcy is right around the corner.

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