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Unplugged Performance Launches Carbon Fiber Tesla Model 3 Performance Aero Kit

Key Takeaways

  • Unplugged Performance offers a full carbon fiber body kit for the Tesla Model 3 Performance.
  • Buyers can opt for separate parts such as front lip spoiler, canards, or rear wing, or the full $7,430 kit.
  • Pre-oders are open, shipping in the second half of 2024.

Tesla modification specialist Unplugged Performance has revealed the first aftermarket body kit for the recently introduced Tesla Model 3 Performance, and as we’ve come to expect from the company, it adds both style and aerodynamic improvements. The company has not disclosed downforce figures, but given how effectively Unplugged Performance gets a Tesla up Pikes Peak, it’s safe to assume that the time designing this kit using computational fluid dynamics would have been well spent.

2025 Tesla Model 3 Performance


510 hp


547 lb-ft

0-60 MPH

2.9 Seconds

Top Speed

163 mph

Several options are available, allowing Model 3 Performance owners to choose from a full kit or an assortment of individual pieces. Separately, the tuner also offers gorgeous wheels penned by a former Koenigsegg designer. With high-quality design and carbon fiber construction, the new kit is not cheap.

Pricing For UP Tesla Model 3 Performance Styling Upgrades

The full aero kit costs $7,430. That’s a significant chunk of change, but it includes several parts, including a front lip spoiler, front canards, deflectors, side skirts, and rear spats, as well as a new front diffuser, rear diffuser trim, and the Ascension-R rear wing. As with UP’s other carbon products, buyers have a choice of a matte or gloss finish. If you’d rather only add to the front of the car, a frontal aero kit made up of the lip spoiler, canards, deflectors, and diffuser can be had for $3,050.


Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S Gets Dark Knight Carbon Widebody

The Model S Plaid now gets the looks to match its esteemed brawn.

If that’s still too pricey, the front lip spoiler and front diffuser can each be had separately for $1,195. That distinctive rear wing costs $2,695, the side skirts cost $995, the front deflectors and the rear spats each cost $395 a set, and the rear diffuser trim is $295. The cheapest individual upgrade comes in the form of front canards for just 265 bucks, but with carbon fiber expertise from Koenigsegg, every item should be worth the money.

Pre-Orders Are Open

The kit retains all the factory elements, so it should be easy to fit. All components are currently available for pre-order via the Unplugged Performance website and will ship in the second half of this year, by which time Tesla M3P buyers should have had their cars for a while – deliveries are scheduled for sometime before July. The Model 3 Performance now develops 510 horsepower and achieves 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, so it’s not slow, and pricing starts at $52,990. Add another $7,430 for the carbon body kit, and you have a $60k car, but the upgrades don’t stop there. UP has also developed various suspension kits (including an Öhlins system that costs nearly $15k), sway bars, oil coolers, and brake upgrades. There’s even a drop-in limited-slip differential for each axle ($2,195).

Teslas are scarcely considered for track duty, but with the upgrades offered by Unplugged Performance, we hope that will change.

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