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New Chinese Hybrid SUV Concept Has Over 1,200 Miles of Range

Key Takeaways

  • Geely Galaxy Starship unveiled at Beijing Auto Show with 1,200+ mile range.
  • Concept features innovative lighting, advanced AI tech, and unique design elements.
  • Interior loaded with premium sound system, AI assistant, and integrated phone capabilities.

Geely has just unveiled a concept plug-in hybrd (PHEV) SUV at the Beijing Auto Show, boasting over 1,200 miles of range. Called the Galaxy Starship, this family-hauling crossover previews the brand’s upcoming technology in its high-end Galaxy sub-brand, with this model slated to be the flagship.

Galaxy was unveiled at the beginning of 2023 with the debut of a gorgeous fastback sedan and more marketable mid-size crossover. Seven models were planned, and this concept is the next to debut. The brand’s motto is “Expanding Cosmos of Light”, and the Starship builds off of that with unique lighting elements inside and out, along with advanced AI technology.

Explore The Galaxy In Style

The concept, at least from the exterior, looks pretty far along the design process. It’s a long upright SUV with seating for seven or eight, and the design reminds us heavily of the Lucid Gravity mixed with a bit of Nissan QX80 and Mercedes GLS.

It has many of the quirks one expects on a concept, including unique doors where the body panels swing out suicide-style, leaving the glass to swing up butterfly-style. The massive intricate wheels are cool but will never make production, and the inside features a single captain’s chair in the second row that can not only lay flat, but can be driven out of the vehicle like a motorized wheelchair to help you get the rest of your way to your destination.

The front is dominated by a long thin DRL along the top of the fascia, with the rest of the lighting directly underneath. Below that is a massive unbroken body panel that features the Galaxy logo and Geely name, and that combination is where we see hints of the Lucid Gravity.

Looking at the model from a three-quarter rear angle is where the Mercedes design comes most into play, giving us the same upright stance with a slightly sloping roofline and a D-pillar that’s angled rearward. It appears this is a popular design to borrow from in China.

A Starship Full Of Technology

On the inside, the vehicle features technology like a premium sound system and an AI assistant that has an avatar that the driver can customize as well as integrate with their phone.

Under the skin, the concept is based on Geely’s Global Intelligent New Energy Architecture (GEA) which can support BEV, hybrid, PHEV, and methanol-powered vehicles. This vehicle makes use of the NordThor PHEV powertrain built on an 800-volt architecture with the company’s new Aegis Dagger lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and electric motors that boast over 90% efficiency. As said before, Geely says this PHEV system has over 1,200 miles of range, which is double the best range offered on a PHEV here in the US.


Geely Just Bought Another Big Chunk Of Aston Martin

The Chinese concern is now Aston’s third largest shareholder.

The company says that the GEA platform allows it to integrate AI into the chassis, allowing the powertrain, steer-by-wire, and autonomous driving capabilities to all be controlled with the same system that can make continuous intelligent corrections over time. There’s no word about whether this concept will come to the market, but it’s likely. Perhaps the company can even bring some of this technology to Aston Martin’s EVs, since it’s already lending the sports car manufacturer its interiors.

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