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The Electric G-Class Has Four Motors and an Insane Amount of Torque

After four, five, six, eight, and twelve cylinders, there’s finally a G-Class with no cylinders at all. In place of a combustion engine, the purely electric Geländewagen packs four motors—one for each wheel. It’s still an off-roader through and through, and in some cases, it’s even more capable off the beaten path than the gas model.

Although the design has been largely carried over, the G580 with EQ Technology hides major changes underneath its oh-so-familiar skin. Those four motors are good for a combined 579 horsepower and a massive 859 pound-feet of torque. That makes it the new king of the hill, packing an extra 2 hp and 232 lb-ft over the AMG G63. And because this is an EV, that torque kicks in instantly.

The quad-motor setup enables a 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, or four-tenths of a second slower than the gas-powered AMG version. Flat out, the electric G is electronically capped at just 112 mph. But you’re not buying a G-Class for its straight-line acceleration or its top speed. The off-road chops remain its main asset. Mercedes claims a maximum fording depth of 33.5 inches. That’s 5.9 inches more than the G550 and G63.

The electric G can climb lateral slopes of up to 35 degrees and offers 9.8 inches of ground clearance between the axles. It’ll easily tackle rough terrain with its 32.0-degree approach angle, 30.7-degree departure angle, and 20.3-degree breakover angle. Much like the normal G-Class, it can climb up to a 100 percent grade. No, that doesn’t mean it can climb vertically. That equates to a 45-degree angle, as grade is a function of rise over run.

Measurement Figure
Ground Clearance 9.8 Inches
Approach Angle 32.0 Degrees
Departure Angle 30.7 Degrees
Water Fording 33.5 Inches

The off-road goodies vary from a low-range mode courtesy of a shiftable two-speed transmission to a crawl function. A feature called the “G-Turn” is marketing jargon for a tank turn, which refers to the vehicle’s ability to rotate on the spot. Virtual differential locks made possible via torque vectoring are included, as are adaptive adjustable dampers. There’s also a G-Steering function to significantly reduce the turning circle and get yourself out of a sticky situation.

The G580 with EQ Technology gets a front independent suspension and a solid rear axle along with underbody protection that makes use of carbon and other sturdy materials to protect the massive 116.0-kilowatt-hour battery packed into the ladder frame. Range remains a mystery, but we do know the battery can be charged at up to 200 kilowatts. With a DC connection, it’ll take around 32 minutes to go from 10 to 80 percent.

2025 Mercedes G580 with EQ Technology

Looking instantly familiar, the go-anywhere EV retains the boxy shape and rugged styling of the gas model but gains a closed-off grille with an illuminated contour. It takes after the 2021 EQG concept, and you can have it without the rear-mounted spare tire. Instead, Mercedes fits a box that can store the charging cable, snow chains, and tools, provided the items don’t exceed 22 pounds.

Although it still looks pretty much like a brick on wheels, there have been some subtle aero tweaks to boost efficiency. The hood has been raised a bit and there are now air curtains for the flared rear wheel arches. Moreover, there’s different cladding on the A-pillars and a roof spoiler lip. You can also pay extra and opt for a black panel for the grille.

The interior also draws heavily from the regular G-Class, so much so that you can’t immediately tell it’s any different. The usual 12.3-inch screens are there, and so is the grab handle on the passenger side of the dashboard. Mercedes offers the same “transparent hood” functionality we recently saw on the gas-fueled G, made possible by the 360-degree camera. It allows drivers to see “through” the hood–as on other recent models such as the EQE SUV and EQS SUV.

For the 2025 model year, the electric G-Class will be offered in the United States strictly as the Edition One. It comes in four special Manufaktur colors (South Sea Blue Magno, Moonlight White Magno, Moonlight White Metallic, Arabian Grey) and the usual Obsidian Black Metallic. Regardless of the one you go for; all have blue brake calipers and a trim strip insert. The rear box we mentioned earlier is included as standard, as are the AMG Line and Night Package with 20-inch wheels and dark body accents.

Inside, there’s blue carbon fiber trim and stitching, plus what Mercedes calls “G-Roar.” It’s a fake engine noise to mimic the sound of a G-Class fitted with a combustion engine when accelerating.

2025 Mercedes G580 with EQ Technology

Mercedes doesn’t say how much the electric G costs, but it’ll likely command a premium over the gas models. Before the facelift introduced for the 2025MY, the G550 was $144,150, while the G63 was $180,950. The newer versions with ICE power are probably a tad more expensive.

In 2022, Mercedes announced the electric G-Class would receive a better battery pack with silicon anode chemistry roughly a year after the model’s launch. Assuming the timeline hasn’t changed, the launch is planned for 2025. The new cells are estimated to deliver a 20 to 40 percent boost in energy density by reaching 800+ Wh/l at the cell level. The upgraded battery is expected to increase range “by a significant amount.”

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