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Czinger Unveils 21C El Mirage Hypercar With Fighter Jet-Inspired Design

Key Takeaways

  • Czinger previews latest 21C configuration, known as El Mirage.
  • Sports a red and white livery inspired by a fighter jet’s afterburn.
  • One of 80 vehicles destined for production.

Czinger has revealed its latest 21C build, dubbed El Mirage, with a special livery developed by Lukas Czinger, co-founder and COO of the automaker. El Mirage 21C wears a white paint finish for the body and wheels. The subdued shade has been paired with red exterior accents on the front canards, side mirrors, and the rear wing.

Red and white isn’t an unusual pairing, often used on custom high-end hypercars. Bugatti, for example, showed off the gorgeous Pur Sport ‘Grand Prix’ last year with a dramatic motorsport-inspired red/white color combo. On El Mirage, the red accents on the rear wing are said to be inspired by a fighter jet’s afterburn – a fitting motif for a car with this level of performance.


Illusionary Livery

Czinger says this is the first 21C specified with white-painted rear wing arms, and we can’t remember seeing them on many other cars of this caliber. El Mirage livery has a neat visual illusion. When viewed from the front, the exposed carbon fiber aerodynamic components appear black. However, as the 21C passes by – which it will – the subtle red accents reveal themselves, taking the fighter jet influence further.


Czinger Hyper GT And Six New Cars Coming By 2030

Some of us thought Czinger would be just a flash in the pan. The LA-based company is proving us wrong.

Unfortunately, the American boutique brand has not shared images of the interior, but we expect the track-focused interior to boast a similar color scheme. This fascination with exclusive design stems from CEO Kevin Czinger’s love for car design. Earlier this year, he told Barron’s earlier this year that he sees cars as works of art.

“It’s all about stance, proportions, shape, what captivates you, what pulls you in visually, the way cars and concepts can be visually created.”

– Lukas Czinger, co-founder and COO of Czinger Vehicles Inc.

Czinger 21c wheels

Immense Power From Its Twin-Turbo V8

The Czinger 21C gains motivation from a twin-turbocharged 2.88-liter V8 engine that has an ear-shattering 11,000 rpm redline. While that’s a recipe for plenty of power, the automaker has thrown in a couple of electric motors for good measure. As a result, the 21C produces an incredible 1,250 horsepower. Should that not be enough, Czinger also offers a 1,350 hp output, more than even the Lamborghini Revuelto and Ferrari SF90.

It is incredibly quick, shattering the lap record for production cars at Laguna Seca. Piloted by racing driver Joel Miller, the hypercar lapped the circuit in just one minute and 25.44 seconds, beating the McLaren Senna by more than two seconds. It’s worth noting that Czinger also offers a 21 C V Max with longtail bodywork aimed at increasing the top speed and high-speed stability. More recently, Czinger unveiled the Blackbird Edition, which was inspired by the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft.

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