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Lamborghini Revuelto Goes Mega-Batty With Wild Keyvany Kit

The “Keytoro” has many new or modified body panels with a generous dose of exposed carbon fiber

 Lamborghini Revuelto Goes Mega-Batty With Wild Keyvany Kit

  • German tuner Keyvany showed the first renderings of their upcoming body kit for the Lamborghini Revuelto.
  • The extensive modifications make the supercar look even crazier, with plenty of exposed carbon fiber.
  • Aside from Keyvany, only DMC has so far shown a tuning package for the Revuelto flagship.

Like all Lamborghini flagships, the Revuelto offers a striking road presence, mind-blistering performance, and extensive personalization options. However, tuners are not satisfied, presenting their even crazier takes on the flagship raging bull. A prime example is the German company called Keyvany, which previewed an extensive visual makeover of the Revuelto.

The project, dubbed “Keytoro,” entails numerous new or modified body panels for the V12-powered supercar. It features a generous amount of exposed carbon fiber components as part of the upcoming body kit, contrasting with the stock “Arancio Borealis” paint finish.

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Keyvany redesigned the front bumper and hood, incorporating additional inlets, fins, and creases, along with a double-decker splitter. The profile now boasts fender intakes, new mirror caps, and more elaborate fins on the side skirts, all crafted from carbon fiber. Lastly, a completely revamped rear apron features extra vents on the massive diffuser, accompanied by a fixed rear wing and a new engine cover.

Overall, the Keytoro looks quite busy, but it’s not like Lamborghini owners choose its vehicles for their subtlety. Of course, we must point out that these are merely preview renderings, and we’ll reserve judgement for when the final product arrives in real life.

 Lamborghini Revuelto Goes Mega-Batty With Wild Keyvany Kit

There’s no mention of any performance modifications, likely meaning that the plug-in hybrid setup of the Lamborghini Revuelto remains unchanged. The stock model already makes an impressive 1,001 hp (747 kW / 1,015 PS) of power from a 6.5-liter V12 and a trio of electric motors.

Although Keytoro currently exists only in the digital realm, the company is already accepting orders from potential clients. While pricing details haven’t been disclosed, it’s safe to assume that modifying a supercar like the Revuelto won’t come cheap.

Keyvany is no stranger to Lamborghini models as they had presented an equally extensive tuning kit for the Urus a few years back.

Keyvany / Facebook

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