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2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Priced From $47,795, Tops Out At $65,395

Across the lineup, the hybrid i-Force Max powertrain adds $3,700 to the price of the Toyota Tacoma

 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Priced From $47,795, Tops Out At $65,395

  • The hybrid Toyota Tacoma lineup starts with the TRD Pro i-Force Max, pricing for which opens at $47,795.
  • It is available on four other models, and adds $3,700 to the price of the vehicle, over the non-hybrid option.
  • The hybrid “i-Force Max” adds power (326 hp and 465 lb-ft torque) and some fuel economy improvements compared to the standard model.

For the first time ever, Toyota is offering a hybrid version of the Tacoma. This isn’t just a big deal for the Taco itself, but for the segment in general, as it’s the first mid-size hybrid truck in North America.

Today, Toyota released the full pricing for the hybrid model as it begins to arrive in dealerships. The most affordable trim available with the i-Force Max hybrid powertrain is the TRD Pro, with an MSRP of $47,795 (all prices include a $1,495 destination charge).

As compared to the same Double Cab body style (and transmission), the i-Force Max adds $3,700 to the price of the model, though the internal combustion Tacoma TRD Pro double cab 4×4 can be had with a six-speed manual transmission. That lowers the vehicle’s price by $800, to $43,295, which is $4,500 less than the hybrid model.

Review: 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Spices Up Winning Ingredients

Similarly, the standard Tacoma TRD Off-Road is available with both a six-speed manual and an eight-speed automatic transmission, meaning that it can be had for as little as $43,295, or $4,800 less than the hybrid model. However, with the same transmission, the i-Force Max powertrain adds just $3,700 to the price of the truck, and starts at $48,095.

The $3,700 price difference continues with the Limited trim. Prices for the ICE model start at $53,595, while the hybrid variant costs $57,295. Meanwhile, the Trailhunter and the TRD Pro models are only available with the i-Force Max powertrain, and prices start at $64,395 and $65,395, respectively.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Pricing, Hybrid vs Non-Hybrid

The TRD Pro i-Force Max is the most expensive trim in the entire Tacoma lineup, and costs about twice as much as the entry level truck, the SR XtraCab 4×2, which opens pricing for the model at $32,995.

The reason for the price premium is that the non-hybrid engines make 228 hp (170 kW / 231 PS) or 278 hp (207 kW / 282 PS), while the i-Force Max powertrain provides drivers with 326 hp (243 kW / 330 PS) and 465 lb-ft (630 Nm) of torque.

Toyota also describes the hybrid package has being focused on performance, helping to generate short bursts of torque while the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine’s turbos spool up. Improved fuel economy and better emissions performance are just bonuses. In the TRD Sport and Off-Road models, the i-Force Max powertrain delivers 22 MPG in the city, 24 MPG on the highway, and 23 MPG combined, while the non-hybrid powertrain returns 19 MPG city, 23 MPG highway, and 20 MPG combined.

 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Priced From $47,795, Tops Out At $65,395

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