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Zeekr 009 Grand Is A $110,000 Minivan With Bentley-Rivaling Luxury

Key Takeaways

  • Zeekr 009 Grand offers ultra-luxury rear seating, a movie theater experience, and a top-notch sound system.
  • The minivan boasts exclusive exterior touches, sports car-like acceleration, and an impressive claimed battery range.
  • Priced at $108,000, but not in the cards for America.

Zeekr has unveiled an ultra-luxury version of its plush 009 minivan for Chinese VIPs looking for high-end transportation. Known as the 009 Grand, this new variant swaps the standard model’s three-row seating configuration for a more intimate setup. The rear compartment, separated from the driver by a partition, now contains two first-class-style reclining seats, separated by a center console.

Trimmed in the finest ultra-soft aniline leather, the rear recliner seats boast 24-way adjustment for each seat, making it impossible to be uncomfortable. Once you’ve found your preferred seating position, you can kick back and entertain yourself with the 43-inch LED smart screen fitted to the partition. This transforms the rear seat of the 009 into a palatial movie theater on wheels. A 31-speaker Yamaha Surround Sound system ensures anything you watch or listen to will sound as crisp and clear as possible.

All The Luxuries A VIP Could Want

If you’re in the mood for caviar or champagne, the 0.6 cubic-foot refrigerator can store whatever you need and has heating and cooling abilities. There’s an ultraviolet sterilization function, too, and Zeekr claims that it can keep anything fresh, from cigars and red wine to fruit and baby food. And the luxury features don’t end there. Zeekr claims the 009 Grand is the first car available with LC light curtain glass.


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In its darkest setting, the glass has a light transmittance of only 0.5%, further separating the tired tycoons from the troubles of the outside world. The light curtain glass can be dimmed in just 1.5 seconds, with 10 adjustment levels. The rear compartment also boasts a rear camera that reveals itself when the vehicle is in conference mode. Instead of wood trim or piano black inlays, Zeekr has opted for hand-polished marble from the Himalayas. Take that, Bentley.

Ultra-Luxury Detailing, Sports Car Acceleration

To further distinguish the 009 Grand from lesser models, Zeekr has given the exclusive variant unique exterior touches. For a start, the Grand receives a distinctive front grille fashioned out of stainless steel and made “by the deft hands of master artisans.” The automaker says the exquisite finish results from 30 hours of manual polishing. Typically, one would expect that from Rolls-Royce, but the Chinese brands are stepping up their game. It’s the same story for the forged and laser-etched 20-inch wheels, which undergo 20 hours of polishing and 10 separate finishing processes.

And if you thought the features were impressive, wait till you see the performance figures. Despite its size, Zeekr claims the 009 Grand can reach 62 mph in 3.9 seconds, which means this lofty luxury can terrify BMW M3 owners at the lights. The 800-volt electrical architecture uses CATL batteries with a CLTC-estimated range of 436 miles. That sounds rather optimistic, and so does the claim that it can glean over 310 miles of range in just 12 minutes of charging.

Pricey, But Worth It

As you’d expect for something this exclusive and luxurious, the 009 Grand carries a hefty price tag. It costs RMB 789,000 ($108,000), which isn’t as pricey as one might expect but is still a lot of money for a minivan. Then again, people looking at this aren’t cross-shopping with a Toyota Sienna. No, they’re the sort of people looking at the new Lexus LM, for example.


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And it can do a 360-degree tank turn.

Sadly, we don’t expect the Zeekr 009 Grand to reach American shores. Wealthy VIPs tend to prefer European luxury sedans or full-size SUVs when shopping in this segment, and convincing them to buy a minivan (which still has the soccer mom image) will be a hard sell. That’s a shame because this looks like a truly excellent alternative. It’s worth noting the Volvo EM90 is based on the Zeekr 009, so there’s a chance we may see an EM90 Inscription with the same ultra-luxury treatment.

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