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Nissan Rogue Gets Rugged Down Under With New X-Trail N-Trek

The N-Trek also features new LED fog lights and water-resistant synthetic leather inside the cabin

 Nissan Rogue Gets Rugged Down Under With New X-Trail N-Trek

  • The X-Trail N-Trek makes a comeback in Australia after a five-year absence, offering a more off-road-oriented look compared to the standard X-Trail.
  • It features a redesigned front end, blacked-out accents, exclusive 18-inch wheels, and a wider color palette with a black roof option.
  • It lacks any mechanical upgrades and relies on a non-electrified 2.5L gasoline engine with a CVT gearbox.

Nissan has unveiled a new N-Trek trim for the X-Trail in Australia, featuring a more rugged aesthetic. Making a comeback to the lineup after a five-year absence, the N-Trek edition brings a host of off-road-inspired exterior and interior upgrades to the Australian counterpart of the North American Rogue.

Beginning with the outside, the X-Trail N-Trek gains a redesigned garnish around the bumper intake, putting more emphasis on the new LED fog lights. The plastic cladding has a dark finish, matching the blacked-out mirrors, door handles, and roof rails. The N-Trek also adds a dark grille instead of the chrome finish found in other trims.

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Besides the adventurous makeup, Nissan designers added a new set of 18-inch alloy wheels which are exclusive to the N-Trek. The color palette includes Gun Metallic, Champagne Silver, Ivory Pearl, Diamond Black and Ceramic Grey finishes, with some of them being available with a black roof.

In addition to its more rugged demeanor, Nissan’s design team has also crafted a fresh set of exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels. The color spectrum offers a diverse range of options, including Gun Metallic, Champagne Silver, Ivory Pearl, Diamond Black, and Ceramic Grey finishes, with select choices offering a black roof option.

Unlike its U.S. counterpart, the Nissan Rogue, which has undergone a mid-cycle facelift, the X-Trail has yet to receive such updates. However, despite this delay, being that it was introduced two years later, it already featured the larger digital cockpit. Based on the mid-spec ST-L trim, the N-Trek edition comes loaded with features, including dual 12.3-inch screens, a 10.8-inch heads-up display, and the ProPilot safety suite as standard.

 Nissan Rogue Gets Rugged Down Under With New X-Trail N-Trek

The standout feature of the N-Trek’s cabin is the new synthetic leather upholstery with “water-resistant qualities”. This means that occupants don’t need to worry if their outfit got wet during sporty activities in the outdoors. As with the rest of the X-Trail lineup, the N-Trek is available in five- and seven-seater configurations.

Despite the more outdoor-ish look, the X-Trail N-Trek doesn’t come with any performance or chassis enhancements. Unlike other Australian-spec trims of the X-Trail, it doesn’t offer the e-Power hybrid powertrain option. Instead, it’s powered by a non-electrified 2.5-liter gasoline engine, delivering 181 horsepower (135 kW / 184 PS) and 244 Nm (180 lb-ft) of torque, channeled to either the front (2WD) or all four wheels (4WD) solely through a CVT gearbox.

Unlike the previous generation of the Nissan X-Trail N-Trek that was offered in a limited number of 500 units back in 2019, the new model is widely available in the Australian market as the “adventurous” trim of the lineup. Pricing starts from AU$ 47,290 (US$ 30,782) for the five-seater 2WD model and from AU$ 50,390 ($US 32,798) for the seven-seater 4WD.

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