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Rezvani Teases Retro Porsche 935-Inspired Recreation

Key Takeaways

  • Rezvani Motors teases recreation of classic Porsche 935 under new sub-brand, Rezvani Retro.
  • Turbocharged engine is expected with modern underpinnings and tech.
  • RR1 will be revealed on April 16.

Rezvani Motors, the maker of the bulletproof Beast hypercar revealed in February, has teased something that has piqued the curiosity of Porsche fanatics everywhere: a recreation of the classic Porsche 935 (not the modern version based on the GT2 RS). To be clear, Rezvani Motors has not specifically mentioned the Porsche 935, but that silhouette is simply unmistakable.

What Rezvani has said is that it is launching a new sub-brand called Rezvani Retro, and this will be a new design house “specially created to pay homage to cherished classic icons from the automotive realm […] developing vehicles that capture the essence of beloved vintage models.”

Consider us intrigued.


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The History

The original Porsche 935 race car was introduced during the 1976 season of Group 5 racing, whose regulations were known as the “silhouette rules” because of the wide variety of modifications allowed, including to the bodywork of these production-based cars.

Like its 2019 namesake (of which just 77 were made), every Porsche 935 race car variant from the 70s (of which there were several, including the K3) was turbocharged to a savage degree, and as its formidable reputation grew, the car’s wings were often clipped when entering certain series, or it was simply excluded from competition for fear of it cleaning up and winning almost every trophy at almost every race.


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What Is Rezvani Retro Building?

The first model teased here is imaginatively named RR1 and will be offered as an “exclusive release,” meaning highly limited numbers and a proportionally high price that only wealthy collectors can pay. If you’re one of those, a fully refundable reservation of $500 can be paid now.

Since Rezvani has never tackled a project like this before, it’s difficult to predict what we might expect. Will it be suitably tasteful? Is tasteful design even a factor in a Porsche 935 restomod or reimagining? And will Rezvani be starting from scratch or will it use something like a 911 Turbo as a base?

Rezvani Retro Teaser
Rezvani Motors

Release Date

We’ll find out the answers to these questions and more on April 16, but there will doubtless be more teasers in the coming fortnight. In the meantime, Rezvani has made it clear that the car won’t be totally vintage, as the company promises “a unique blend of past and present” where “high-tech elements are artfully integrated into designs inspired by the past.” Basically, this should be a totally modern car with a good few hundred horsepower on tap, topped with old-school looks. We can’t wait.

1976 Porsche 935/77

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