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Hummer EV Sales Up 83,300 Percent

The GMC Hummer EV was General Motors’s first Ultium-powered passenger vehicle. The automaker went all out for the model, packing it with an obnoxious amount of power and cutting-edge features. And sales are finally starting to take off in 2024. They are up a whopping 83,330 percent in the first quarter of this year, but that number requires some context.

Digging through the data reveals why the EV saw such a wild increase. The company sold just two Hummers through the first three months of 2023 as it was ramping up Hummer EV SUV production. That’s overshadowed by the 1,668 Hummers it sold for the same period in 2024. GMC ended 2023 with 3,260 units sold, and the company is on track to beat that figure this year, but not by 80,000 percent.

GMC offers the Hummer EV in two body styles—truck and SUV—with both costing an eye-watering $98,845 for 2024, including the $2,295 destination charge. The dual-motor delivers 570 horsepower and up to 311 miles of range, while the triple-motor configuration delivers up to 1,000 hp, but that requires upgrading to the 3X trim that starts at $106,945. It can travel up to 381 miles between charges.

While that range sounds impressive, it doesn’t come from the The Hummer EV’s efficiency. It comes from the massive 246 kilowatt-hours (212 kWh usable) battery pack. At nearly nearly 9,000 pounds, the giant SUV is actually seriously inefficient for an electric vehicle.

GM’s lineup of Ultium-powered vehicles is also beginning to grow as sales commence. Cadillac saw Lyriq sales jump 499 percent from 968 to 5,800. Chevrolet sold 600 Blazer EVs and 1,061 Silverado EVs. The Bolt and Bolt EUV remained the automaker’s best-selling electric vehicle in Q1 with 7,040 sales despite the fact that the car’s production ended with the 2023 model year.

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